Monument Entertainment prides itself on their dedication to their clients. The company understands that hard work and strong commitment will achieve success.

Our Philosophy

Monument emphasizes "talent" first and foremost, while handling all business relations in a professional and creative manner. This unique team is the conduit for young talent. Through dedication to their craft Monument will help you achieve your highest dream.


It all started with a phone call. That phone call from “Buzz” Buzhardt lead Steve K. Kendrick into helping a young man “Cody Webb” seek his dream in country music entertainment. That help has now morphed itself into a small company by the name of Monument Entertainment LLC.

Monument Entertainment currently has not only talent within country music but also has added talent from the industries of acting/modeling, novelist/motion picture and feature documentarian. The passion these individuals shared was something that could not go unnoticed, so Steve decided to make a change in the entertainment business. Instead of only admiring the talent of up and coming artist, he would help them become stars. And so, Monument Entertainment was born.